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Vincent "Vic" Sussman
Born in New York
92 years
David Rosner Vic Sussman May 18, 2012
Mr. Sussman was an engaging man!  From the very first time we met back in the 70’s through the millennium.  Every single time we met- whether at his Orange residence on Sarah Circle or Mark and Lisa’s we absolutely found a way to get into it.
Mr. Sussman would always ask “So tell me, what’s happening with you ?”  I would respond and dive into the latest and greatest diatribe of the telecommunications industry  highlights of the day.  As I spoke, he would look directly at me.  He was attentive, and always had a smile.  After a few jousting questions and answers, I would always lean back, take a moment, and ask “So Vic tell me, what’s new with you?”  He would smile and delve into either some of his Class-Teaching goings-on, scientific work as it related to epoxy, or his golf game. Vic’s usual reply to the standard golf question, what’s your handicap?  Would always be “The game itself”.
No matter what was spoken or discussed he had earned the reciprocity of my complete and undivided attention.  We would spar for many-many years to which always, brought smiles and laughs to the two of us.  From his wisdom, peaceful humanity, and just the way he conducted himself – Vic was a terrific guy who commanded respect.
He’ll be missed most certainly, but more important are the great memories that I have and that they’ll remain with me.
Alex Green Our sincere condolences May 15, 2012
Dear Mark

I just heard from your Mom that Vic died several weeks ago. We are very saddened and wish our sincerest condolences. He was one of my closest friends and also the sweetest and while we somewhat lost touch his passing greatly saddens us. When I went into research on waste to energy I relied heavily on Vic for my education on the properties of plastics.

A year ago we moved to the Gainesville Village, a nearby retirement community. It is really one of God's Waiting Room's so we experience such news every week. I did not expect to be around this long and still wonder why, however, Freddie and I while somewhat decrepit are also somewhat functional. The kids are all ok and we have 2 direct great grands and 3 indirect via Marcie's husband Alan. A year ago I joined a local veterans group named the Decrepit Birdmen.

Again, our sincere condolences
Stuart and Donna Meyers thankful March 16, 2012
Great reflections, Suss. I'll always fondly remember your amazing father. I'm thankful to have known him - such a wellspring of creativity and enduring values. I'm grateful to be included in the family friends.
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